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So  suddenly i’ve got this topic in my head and i said : why not? Let’s begin.

Everyone wants success no matter you, to grow is to live isn’t it? And sure success is being structured by a lot of growth. So some of us want to get that shortcut that instant access to success and growth. Maybe we buy some self-help books for self-development or buy that certain books for our success, then we aren’t satisfied by that book so we buy another book, then the cycle repeats. When you are wasting your time figuring out what is the correct way to achieve your dream, when you are wasting your time being afraid of what you want-a success. But one thing we haven’t realize is maybe to be success is just to start it! Damn, if you convert your time that you used for starting your dream you should have grown a lot, but in fact you still hesitate, crawling in your little shell.
Maybe here are some quotes that are relevant to our situations here.

Inject this dose in your vein : Fuck it and just do it! 

Behold, i conveyed my thoughts



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