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Look my friend, in this life which is only once, lots of get lost. I mean like, from what i’ve seen from the people, is life only limited at watching television? Or is it life is measured by the number of followers you have online, or is it life only hanging out with friends, having fun for the rest of our life? I mean, i get confused as if i dont see any real meaning worth to fight for you know?

There are people who chase money for his entire life, money that one day he will inherit

There are people who chase fame, they want to become famous in their life, they want veryone to know them.

There are also maybe some people who has hobby on collecting things in their life like antic things with history in it.

But at the end of the day, WE ARE NOT HAPPY. You know deep inside, this is not what you want, you know deep inside your soul will never be satisfied with this world. Because deep down, the people who only chase this moment’s pleasure know, that the pleasure that they feel is temporary, it doesn’t last long.

And this is a very beautiful lyrics that can describe my feeling right now, (written by Kamal Saleh, it’s a poem actually)


What Are We Doing Here, And Where Are We Gonna Go
It’s like we Just Woke Up One Morning, And Then It’s Welcome To The Show
Don’t Ask Any Questions Just Go With The Flow
Make As Much Money As You Can, And Try Your Best Not To Get Broke
Copy Everything You See On A T. V., From A Hairstyles To The Clothes
And don’t Think To Often, Just Do Exactly As You’re Told
And If You Ever Get Confused, Then Just Turn Towards The Alcohol
You Still Here Thoughts? Then Just Turn Up The Radi-o
As You Learn To Live A Lifestyle Of Drugs, s**, And Rock-n-roll

But In All Honesty, I Just Need To Know
Is There More To The Cycle Than Owing And Getting Owed
Livin And Dyin Just To Leave Behind A Happy Home
And A Whole Lotta Property That Just Somebody Else Is Gonna Own
I Just Really Need To Know Before The Caste Gets Closed
Because I’m Not Willing To Gamble With My Soul, Nor Am I Ready To Take Any Chances
These Are Just Simple Life Questions And M Just Searching For Some Answers
Like What Are We Doing Here? What Is Our Purpose?
How Did We Get Here And Who Made Us So Perfect?
Or What Happens Once We Go, For Is This World Really Worth It?
Questions We don’t Answer, B’coz Apparently We don’t Really Have To.
There’s No Purpose To This Life And Our Existence Its Merely Natural

So i ask you once again, is life and this world, which has been created so perfectly, created this beautifully, even the humankind cannot created a single fly. Is life really worth it only by living it for the sake of pleasure? Or the sake of chasing money?


So I may tell you something, indeed we will be bring back to life after our death. We will be asked about what we have done in this world. So is there still time for wasting time and playing around?

Have they not seen that God, Who created the heavens and the earth and was not wearied by their creation, is able to give life to the dead? Surely He has power over everything. (46:33)





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