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‘Ujb (Amazed at yourself)

There is something that i realized, a thing that i and you may find it occasionally find in daily life. And yes it is ujb. Now what is ujb? Ujb may means when you are amazed at yourself you know? There is a man who wons the championship, and then he became arrogant and talk about himself much. He is amazed at himself even though i think the people around him has forgotten him and he achieved!

But this is dangerous! Because when we amazed at ourself it means that we say, enough myself, you have achieved enough. You think about yourself  in a long time. Oh how great you are as a person. And maybe you amazed at yourself and you get so deluded, but you know what? Everyone may has forgotten or even dont pay any attention to what you are amazed of.  When you are amazed at yourself you think you had achieved enough, but you know what? What you achieved is only a small part of contribution to this world! Indeed to think that you hhas achieved enough will prevent progress because for what should i struggle myself more? I had achieved enough.

And another dangerous thing when you are amazed at yourself is that you will forget all of your mistakes and sins. Well this is dangerous because, if we forget our mistakes and sins we can’t change ourselves to be better you know. Believe me, the feeling of being full of mistakes and sins will lead to humility it leads us to be humble. When you know that we ourselves also full of mistakes, we can receive another person’s critics easily. And in other side what is ujb will gives you? Ujb doesnt give anything good at all! Seriously Ujb will only leads to arrogance, leads us to be in like somekind of illusion, we think about ourselves higher than our reality. For example if a man has a quality of C, and he has an ujb, he thinks that he has A quality! Ujb doesn’t give any good!

So I Ask Allah to guard us from this dangerous illness.


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