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Akhir-akhir ini, seakan ada suatu hal yang berubah. ya itu adalah kesadaran. Ketika kesadaran kita berubah, maka berubahlah arah hidup kita. Jika seseorang yang sering sekali menggeluti buku, maka lingkup kesadarannya mungkin banyak tertuju pada buku, mungkin ia tidak berpikiran tentang seni ataupun olahraga, karena hal itu ada di luar lingkup kesadaran atau tujuannya.

Namun, akhir-akhir ini ada suatu hal yang menyentil kesadaran, dan begitu kesadaran itu terang, seakan membuka dunia baru. Kesadaran itu adalah waktu. Tidakkah kita sadar? Waktu yang kita miliki sebenarnya sangatlah banyak, namun apa aktibvitas yang telah benar-benar kita lakukan dalam hidup kita? Jlebb pertanyaan ini menusukku. Seakan aku tahu, selama ini aku hanyalah bersenda gurau di dunia tanpa arah. Itulah yang aku rasakan.  Selama ini kita seakan hanyalah mengikuti mayoritas dan mainstream orang lain. Selama ini kita mungkin masih tertidur dalam kelalaian dan ketidaksadaran, namun tidakkah kita tahu? Sebenarnya kita berkuasa akan waktu kita.

Kita berkuasa pada waktu kita, dan kita dapat menggunakannya untuk sesuatu yang bermanfaat. Kebanyakan kita terjebak dalam siklus pergi sekolah, pulang sekolah, makan, main, dan mengerjakan pr. Namun hei, ada sesuatu yang lebih dari itu!

Masih banyak jutaan hal di dunia ini yang belum kita coba, masih banyak hal yang dapat kita pelajari, programming, bahasa arab, menulis, membaca, bertemu komunitas, maka sungguh kita dapat memanfaatkan waktu luang kia  untuk melakukan hal-hal seperti itu.

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There is something that most of has, yes it is arrogance. But do you know the scary thing about this thing is? That most of the arrogance people dont notice it!

It is the thing that split people up, it is the thing that prevent progress in life. Yes, i think arrogance have lots of negative effects in life. (We ask Allah to save us from this arrogancy)

Why i say that arrogancy can have negative effects?

1. Delusion

You think that you progress in life, after you achieve certain achievement you feel that you already did a really really amazing thing. And then, you start comparing yourself to others, now here the arrogancy starts. You realize that oh everyone arent achieving as you did. You get deluded, amazed at yourself. After that, you start to stop working for achievment thinking that you’ve done enough.

But do you know? When you are looking down at others, actually other people have some achievement too. You just dont know yet, and yes you will be embarassed when you see the people you’ved looked down had achieved something.

2. Prevent progress in life

Yes, when you are being arrogance. You feel that only you who has the best opinion. Only you that can do that job. You dont believe in other’s capability to do things. You start judging other people’s life.

“Oh look, he wastes his time” “Oh look she doesnt wear her scarf” “Oh look these bunch of people dont work hard like i always did”

So prejudices fill your own mind!You dont find any kinds in other person! Oh it’s only you who is right, others are wrong. Indeed this is a plain error.

Now there is a person like this, he starts busy himself with the mistakes of other, but he forgets his own mistakes. When he began always thinking and judging others, he forgot that there is something that has more right to be judged and evaluated : his own self!!!!! So when he doesnt start evaluating himself, he stops to grow naudzubillah.

What are the signs of arrogance?

1. He feels that only he that is right

2. He likes to cut other people conversation. This is because he doesnt any value in other’s words.

3. He doesnt give any value to other’s opinion. He thinks that his opinion is always the best.

4. Looking down at others.

So our prophet shallallahu alaihi wa sallam has told us the right thing. Arrogance is denying the truth and looking down at other people. I ask Allah to guard us from this evil thing, may Allah guide me and all of muslimiin.

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A thing called: Habit

Hi guys, so i just know that there was someone who “liked” my previous article(whaaat? So happy 🙂 ) Then it sparked something in me-a desire, what kind of desire? Desire to write.

About habits, i mean like everything that we do is habits right? What do we do after waking up? What time we go to bed? Or maybe to the little thing about how we eat. We are our habits.  So i think to master our habits is one of the best thing we  can do.

 Sometimes when we see other’s success or victory, we feel upset and say why cant i do something like he did? But you missed the entire point : 

The success of someone is his/her repetitions in doing something 

We tend to not be patience in ourselves : a love for an easy life. But can you imagine how can a writer finish his book by not touching his keyboard in order to write. Every successful people once were like us, they were the average people but what they made themselves like themselves right now are rather what they did.

I read malcolm x’s quotes which goes around something like this :

If you see someone being success but you aren’t it means that there is something that they do that you dont do it. 

So it’s all about action man! What i’m trying to do right now is to try to change my habits gradually, when you finish mastering one habit, continue to another one! And guys, let me tell you this : Dont try to develop multiple habits at one time because when you do it, the thing that gonna happen is that at one day you will fail to do all of that habits, and then you think you should start small but after a while you’re not patience enough and you go back trying to develop those habits at one time. It’s a waste of time then :v 

So buckle up your seatbealts boys! We’re going on a journey to the valley of mastering habits-our noble purpose.

Dont let yourself crushed by what comfort of what you want now that what you want best for the future.

*notes : sorry if there is any mistakes, comments and critics are invited!

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So  suddenly i’ve got this topic in my head and i said : why not? Let’s begin.

Everyone wants success no matter you, to grow is to live isn’t it? And sure success is being structured by a lot of growth. So some of us want to get that shortcut that instant access to success and growth. Maybe we buy some self-help books for self-development or buy that certain books for our success, then we aren’t satisfied by that book so we buy another book, then the cycle repeats. When you are wasting your time figuring out what is the correct way to achieve your dream, when you are wasting your time being afraid of what you want-a success. But one thing we haven’t realize is maybe to be success is just to start it! Damn, if you convert your time that you used for starting your dream you should have grown a lot, but in fact you still hesitate, crawling in your little shell.
Maybe here are some quotes that are relevant to our situations here.

Inject this dose in your vein : Fuck it and just do it! 

Behold, i conveyed my thoughts


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To Be Known

Why it’s kinda hard for me to just do things sincerely, or is it just another playing from the devils: To Be Known

Yes, to be known is good maybe when you meet people on the street they say hi at you, or lots of people are talking goods about you, or maybe you just get some kind of satisfication by being popular.Being popular is ok, but what if it goes to aspects of your life when you just want to do that things with fun- a joy, now you’re doing it for the sakes of people-not for you. As if your life’s worth depend on other peoples, but that impossible because lots of other people feel that their life’s worth depend on the other people and one of the other people is you, surprise ! 

So what do you think?

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